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July 13-15, 2018. 1st Asian Studies Congress
Wydarzenie, trwa od 13-07-2018 do 15-07-2018

The Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures at Adam Mickiewicz University, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Police College will hold an international Congress devoted to Asian linguistics, literature, culture and social sciences. Our aim is to provide a forum for discussion in those scientific fields and to facilitate integration between scholars from all around the world. The conference will be held over 3 days, from 13th to 15th July (Friday-Sunday) 2018 in Poznan, Poland.

September 23-29, 2018. 7th Polish Combinatorial Conference
Wydarzenie, trwa od 23-09-2018 do 29-09-2018

"The Polish Combinatorial Conferences are meant to integrate Polish and international combinatorial communities. The upcoming conference is, as before, dedicated mostly to young scientists whose attendance we strive to support (see below). Having this goal in mind, besides several invited talks, we provide also a couple of tutorials by leading experts in Combinatorics.

The scope of the conference is intended to cover most aspects of modern combinatorics, including graph theory, probabilistic combinatorics, extremal combinatorics, combinatorial optimization, algorithmic problems, combinatorial number theory, applications of combinatorics in computer science."

August 26 - September 01, 2018. Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
Wydarzenie, trwa od 26-06-2018 do 01-09-2018

A conference on Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry in honor of the 60th Birthday of Grzegorz Banaszak.

July 09- September 01, 2018. Function Spaces XII
Wydarzenie, trwa od 09-07-2018 do 01-09-2018

The meeting will be devoted to various aspects of Theory of Function Spaces, Geometry of Banach Spaces, Operator Theory on Function Spaces, Interpolation Theory, Approximation Theory and Theory of Vector Measures.

July 1-7, 2018. Paweł Domański Memorial Conference
Wydarzenie, trwa od 01-07-2018 do 07-07-2018

The aim of the conference is to commemorate the life and work of Paweł Domański who passed away in August 2016. This meeting will be a tribute to the way he was doing mathematics as well as the way he was encouraging young scientists to attack beautiful although difficult problems. Therefore we would like to gather specialists from all the branches of functional analysis and its applications he was interested in.

July 2-6, 2018. Glances@Manifolds 2018
Wydarzenie, trwa od 02-07-2018 do 06-07-2018

The conference focus is on the following three topics:
-Arithmetic groups and homogeneous manifolds.
-Contact manifolds and symplectic manifolds.
-Cobordism and group actions on manifolds

May 16-18, 2018. Archeology of interfaces - space and time
Wydarzenie, trwa od 16-05-2018 do 18-05-2018

The world around us is not a domain of only uniform beings and unequivocal situations. The multi-dimensional and unpredictable world is a result of simultaneous actions of endless interactions taking place between time and space.

By influencing and intermingling with each other, they change - sometimes unnoticeably - the course of events, eventually often leading to solutions and objectives that are other than previously assumed. The reality around us is not taking place by itself and is not separate from its context. Only at the interface of all dimensions of civilization and nature the real dimension of the world around us is born and the entire being takes shape.

Stypendia Rządu Francuskiego
Wiadomość, opublikowana 15-01-2018

Zasady ogólne:

  • wniosek o Stypendium Rządu Francuskiego złożyć mogą kandydaci, którzy nie odbywają studiów we Francji w momencie składania aplikacji;
  • wymagany poziom znajomości języka obcego (francuskiego lub angielskiego) jest określany przez uczelnię
Stypendia Funduszu Wyszehradzkiego
Wiadomość, opublikowana 15-01-2018

Wyszehradzki Program Stypendialny jest specjalnym programem utworzonym przez Fundusz Wyszehradzki w celu ułatwienia wymiany studenckiej poprzez zapewnienie wsparcia finansowego kandydatom, którzy są mieszkańcami państw V4 (Czechy, Węgry, Polska, Słowacja) lub mieszkańcami państw, nienależących do Unii Europejskiej (Białoruś, Chorwacja, Mołdawia, Rumunia, Federacja Rosyjska, Serbia i Czarnogóra) i pragną studiować w państwach V4.

June 2018. School of GIS and Remote Sensing in environmental management
Wydarzenie, trwa od 01-10-2018 do 31-10-2018

GIS School for Naturalists - students and graduates of natural sciences take part in four-day (in June of each year) field survey and computer workshops in the Jeziory Ecological Station (near Trzemeszno (Poland)). They have a possibility to learn how to map different environmental resources (plants, animals, land cover) based on Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

August 6-24,2018. Summer School of Polish Language and Culture
Wydarzenie, trwa od 06-08-2018 do 24-08-2018

Summer School of Polish Language and Culture is organized by Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. The author of the curriculum is prof. dr hab. Irena Sarnowska-Giefing. Every year brings dozens of individuals coming from all over the world, even as distant countries as Japan or the United States. The School's curriculum covers classes which include: Polish language course, lectures, workshops and language consultancies for beginners. The intensive Polish language course is carried within the time of 4-6 hours per day and its classes are arranged due to the language level of learners.

August 1-18,2018. The School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology
Wydarzenie, trwa od 01-08-2018 do 18-08-2018

The School will take place from 1 to 17 August, 2018. The exact location where SMTB 2018 will take place will be announced once it is determined, but it will be at a research institution in the EU that will provide comfortable living conditions and work environment. The deadline for the applications is January 15, 2018.


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