ProfessorMariusz Jaskólski


  • 1985 - D.Sc. - physical chemistry and crystallography, UAM
  • 1979 - Ph.D. - chemistry, UAM
  • 1976 - M.Sc. - chemistry, UAM

Research interests and achievements

Application of crystallography in structural chemistry and structural biology.

  • Amyloidogenic proteins. Discovery of 3D domain swapping in an amyloidogenic protein.
  • Retroviral enzymes. Discovery of the structure of retroviral protease and integrase (collaboration with NCI, USA). Determination of the crystal structure of retroviral protease in monomeric form in an experiment that involved “crowd sourcing”.
  • Antileukemic asparaginases. Discovery of the structure of the antileukemic drug, E. coli L-asparaginase (collaboration with NCI, USA).
  • Ntn-hydrolases. Structural characterization and elucidation of the mechanism of plant L-asparaginases/isoaspartyl aminopeptidases. Elucidation of the potassium-dependence mechanism of plant asparaginases.
  • Hydrolase inhibitors and complexes. High-resolution crystal structures of such inhibitors as BPTI, sunflower protease inhibitor, silk protease inhibitor, cystatin C or chagasin, also in complex with target enzymes.
  • Pathogenesis-related proteins. Structural characterization of plant pathogenesis-related proteins.
  • Hormone binding proteins. Discovery of phytohormone binding modes of plant proteins.
  • Macromolecular structures at ultimate resolution. Determination of protein crystal structures at subatomic resolution and of Z-DNA structure at 0.55 Å resolution.
  • Modulated macromolecular structures. Structure determination of modulated protein crystal structures with 28 and 36 protein molecules in the asymmetric unit.
  • Structural chemistry of nucleic acids and their constituents. Structural chemistry of nucleoside salts; structure of a nuclear receptor in complex with DNA; structure of exotic forms of DNA and RNA; Conformation-Dependent Library and server of stereochemical restraints for nucleic acids
  • Hydrogen bonding in solids. Structural characterization of very short H-bonds; structural correlations in H-bonded systems.
  • Validation of macromolecular models deposited in the PDB. Participation in several campaigns to detect and correct errors in the PDB, and to work out good practices standards in structural biology
  • Teaching. Development of curricula for teaching protein crystallography and structural biology.
  • Website

  • Head, Center for Biocrystallographic Research, Inst. of Bioorg. Chem., Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Member, EMBL Project Evaluation Committee
  • Cochair, Nucleic Acid Valence Geometry Working Group

Structural biology and structural chemistry of proteins and nucleic acids in health and disease · Plant structural biology · Crystallographic methodology and theory · Validation and reproducibility in biomedical research


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Amyloid diseases

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Antibiotic resistance

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