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6 steps to Master’s degree in 2022

7 steps to Master’s degree in 2022

  1. Accounts for the last stage of studies. Make sure you are enrolled in all classes in accordance with your study program and that all your grades are in USOS
  2. To start activities in APD, send the following information to BOS of the Faculty of Chemistry from your student’s e-mail address.
    • title of your master thesis in the language the thesis was written (original title)
    • name (s) and surname of your supervisor
    • name (s) and surname of a reviewer
  3. Complete the data in APD bearing in mind:
    • to enter the title in English,
    • key words in Polish and English as well as in the original language
    • a summary in Polish, English and in the original language
    • to send the thesis file (PDF format), please remember that the name of the file cannot contain Polish characters. Editorial requirements: font size in Times New Roman text – 12 points; font in the footnotes: Times New Roman 10 points; line spacing 1.5; top and bottom margins 2.5 cm, side margins – left 3.5 cm, right – 2 cm; page numbering in Arabic digits; chapter titles in bold. The first page should contain: the name of the university; the name of the department; first and last names; album number; field of study, specialty and research group; thesis title in Polish and English; in the upper right corner should be the name of your supervisor along with signature
    • to approve in APD of the declaration that the thesis was written on your own
    • the thesis should be ready to defense one week before master’s examination.
  4. Send information about the members of the Examination Committee, the date of defense (day and time) to (at the latest one week before the master’s exam).
  5. Enchant the committee with your knowledge during the exam.
  6. When you receive information from BOS that your diploma is available for collecting, bring to BOS the signed clearance form (do not bring a printed master thesis). Graduates do not pay for the diploma, they receive 4 diplomas, including one in English.

You are master of Faculty of Chemistry