Admission rules

General rules of the selection procedure:

  1. each candidate may be awarded a maximum of 100 points in the selection procedure;
  2. a candidate will be admitted to a doctoral school if he or she is awarded a sufficient number of points awarding a place on the ranking list, within the limit of candidates for a given scientific discipline; the candidate must also obtain at least 60 points from the entire selection procedure;

The selection procedure may be conducted in a two-stage form in accordance with the Appendix to these admission rules. In such case:

  1. in the first stage, the research project and the scientific activity and other achievements described in the candidate's CV shall be evaluated, and the grade of the diploma of the second degree or of the one cycle five year master's studies shall be taken into account; the maximum number of points to be achieved shall be 50;
  2. the second stage involves an interview; candidates who obtain not less than 60% of the maximum number of points awarded in the first stage will be admitted to the second stage, with the reservation that the number of candidates admitted to this stage cannot be higher than twice the number of available places in the school in a given discipline. The number of candidates admitted to this stage will be increased accordingly if several candidates obtain the same number of points.

The selection committee shall take into account:

  1. the grade awarded to the candidate upon completion of the second cycle studies or single cycle five year master’s studies (entered into the candidate’s diploma), maximum 10 points;
  2. evaluation of the candidate's scientific activity and scientific achievements up to the date of the selection procedure on the basis of the candidate’s CV and a cover letter; the candidate indicates for evaluation up to three documented scientific achievements (attached list of achievements); maximum 15 points;
  3. evaluation of the candidate's other documented activities, based on a maximum of three achievements indicated by the candidate (list of achievements attached); maximum 5 points
  4. the result of the interview, with the scope of the interview including:
    a) the candidate's knowledge and competencies relevant to the planned research and appropriate to the indicated scientific discipline,
    b) elements of research methodology appropriate for the discipline indicated.
    No more than 50 points can be awarded for the interview; the maximum duration of the interview is 30 minutes.
  5. evaluation of the research project prepared for the admission (maximum 20 points), with particular emphasis on:
    a) the ability to formulate the research objective and present the research problem;
    b) research idea and the ability to propose a solution;
    c) methodology appropriate to the discipline indicated;
    d) knowledge of the state of research with a basic bibliography.

Detailed criteria in the admission procedure to doctoral schools

Doctoral School of Natural Sciences

Doctoral School of Exact Sciences

Doctoral School of Humanities

Doctoral School of Languages and Literatures

Doctoral School of Social Sciences