Ph.D., D.Litt.Professor Andrzej Lesicki

Prof. UAM dr hab. Andrzej Lesicki


  • Manages AMU;
  • Represents AMU;
  • Convenes and chairs meetings of the AMU Senate;
  • Shapes AMU HR policy;
  • Formulates rules for cooperation with national and international institutions;
  • Establishes, transforms or dissolves organizational units;
  • Appoints AMU professors and other university officials;
  • Implements AMU schedule of works and expenditures;
  • Supervises AMU financial and business activity, and university administration;
  • Conducts internal audits at AMU;
  • Appoints and supervises Academic Staff Disciplinary Officers;
  • Coordinates civil defense;
  • Decides on matters specified in the Act on Higher Education and the AMU Statut.


Tel: 61 829 43 92, 61 829 43 08


Collegium Minus, ul. Wieniawskiego 1, Rector's Office

Office hours: every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 12pm-2pm by prior arrangement at  61 829 43 08.