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New Japanese partners welcome at AMU

On Wednesday, September 19, the Vice-Rector for Science and International Cooperation, professor Ryszard Naskręcki, hosted a delegation from the Kitami Institute of Technology, represented by president prof. Soichiro Suzuki. During the meeting, a cooperation agreement was signed between the  Adam Mickiewicz University and the Technical University of Kitami in Japan.

The Japanese delegation was accompanied by  Dr. Michał Ptaszyński, a graduate of Japanese Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University, and an associate professor currently working at the Kitami Instite of Technology.  Dr.Ptaszynski commented:  Cooperation between universities is underway.  It develops in two main directions: first of all it is a student exchange based on various projects and grants, while the second pillar is a scientific cooperation and technology exchange.  AMU and KIT implement a joint project aimed at solving the problem of peer aggression at school using technology – detection of aggression or hate patterns among youngsters.

The agreement ensures cooperation in many areas: organizing consultations and reciprocal visits and lecturing by representatives of both universities, supporting the participation of young scientists in conferences and symposia, facilitating research conducted by young scientists, facilitating the exchange of scientists and students, and cooperation in exchanging publications and scientific information .

– Kitami Institute of Technology was founded in 1960, which is nearly 60 years old. Physically, it is the most northerly state university in Japan, where approximately 2,200 students study annually. The main research fields are agriculture, renewable energy sources, computer science or biomaterials. As KIT is located in the coldest place in Japan, the researchers are involved in the study of ice, its structure and its use – summarizes Dr. Ptaszyński.