23rd International Congress of Historical Sciences

Co-organized by: the Faculty of History, Polish Historical Society, Museum of Polish History in Warsaw, City of Poznań and Wielkopolska Region

21-27 August 2022

Since 1900, historians from around the world have been organizing their congresses to discuss the most pressing topics, present the results of their research and build international cooperation network.

In 1926 they established the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS), as a non-governmental organization composed of national committees representing the member countries and specialist commissions devoted to specific research issues.

The General Assembly of the ICHS on August 29th, 2015 in Jinan (China) decided that the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences will take place in Poznań, Poland on August 23-29, 2020.

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unsatisfactory progress in fighting it in most countries, the organizers were forced to postpone the Congress two times. Ultimately, the ICHS Board decided that XXIII Congress will be held on August 21-27, 2022.

The program of the XXIII Congress, in comparison to the previous ones, has been slightly modified. Several dozen different panels will be held during the Congress in Poznań. Among them, the most important will be the so-called Major Themes. In addition, a dozen so-called Joint Sessions, about 20 Round Tables, as well as several dozen specialist sessions devoted to various issues from antiquity to the present day. In addition, there will be 3 evening sessions. One and a half days were devoted to thematic panels organized by specialized committees affiliated with the ICHS.

A poster session is planned for post-graduate and PhD students. The best works will be honored with ICHS-Shandong University Young Historian Award established at the XXII International Congress in Jinan in 2015. The award was intended to encourage young scholars to participate in the Congress, where they could present their ongoing research achievements. The Shandong University and ICHS have decided to continue the Award during the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences in Poznań in 2022. The $US 10,000 award will be divided among five recipients.

During the Congress in Poznań, the so-called Research Forum, will be held for the first time. It is a new initiative of the Board of ICHS. The main purpose of the Research Forum is to allow research institutions to present their ongoing or planned projects to an audience of established scholars and beginner researchers. It should provide an opportunity for cooperation between institutions as well as the addition of high qualified researchers as collaborators. This initiative fully coincides with the ICHS mission, as one of its objectives is to stimulate dialogue between young scholars and various research institutions.

During the Congress in Poznań, the International CISH History Prize will be awarded for the third time. It honors a historian who has distinguished herself/himself in the field of history by her/his research, publications or teaching, and has significantly contributed to the development of historical knowledge. Also, traditionally, the Congress will be accompanied by the International Exhibition of Historical Books.

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