Contemporary Challenges of Tourism and Recreation

Co-organized by: the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences and WSB University in Poznań

18-19 November 2021

The conference is addressing challenges faced by tourism and recreation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The thematic scope of the conference is a continuation of a series of events organised by WSB University in Poznań in Poland and devoted to the topic of Tourism and recreation in metropolitan areas, which were held in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

This year, the scope of the conference has been extended to include several aspects, given the highly dynamic changes occurring in the tourism, recreational and sports industry brought about by the pandemic.

Conference objectives
  • present latest research results in the field of tourism and recreation,
  • discuss challenges and threats facing tourism and recreation during the pandemic,
  • indicate directions of development for tourism and recreation in the post-pandemic period,
  • establish cooperation in the area of research and within the industry with research centres and
  • socio-economic institutions.

Thematic scope of the conference
  • challenges facing the development of tourism and recreation in metropolitan areas,
  • nature tourism in urban areas (e.g. geotrails, geosites, sensory gardens),
  • the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on tourism and recreation,
  • the development of alternative forms of tourism and recreation (e.g. rural tourism, bike tourism, nature tourism,
  • holiday homes, allotment gardens, campervan trips),
  • security in tourism and recreation,
  • creativity, innovation and new technologies in tourism and recreation,
  • tourism and recreation in the lives of digital nomads,
  • tourism and recreation in the context of sustainable development,
  • experiences, values and their co-creation in tourism and recreation,
  • accessible tourism,
  • health-supportive functions of tourism, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and health-supportive leisure activities,
  • challenges in the education of qualified personnel for the tourism industry.

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