European Historical Meeting Spaces

Co-organized by: Faculty of History and Universite Bordeaux III Michel Montaigne

3-5 June 2019

The conference “Les espaces historiques des rencontres des Européens. Le journal de Paul Bigot de Morogues (1788-1798): l’Europe Centrale aux temps de tournant” [European historical meeting spaces. The diary by Paweł Bigot de Morogues dating from 1788-1798: Central Europe at times of breakthrough.] took place in Poznań from June 3rd – 5th, 2019. The conference corresponds with the Polish and French cooperation between researchers form the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and historians from Universite Bordeaux III Michel Montaigne. It was the latter, who between the years 2018 -2020 created an international research team  implementing the Hubert Curien “POLONIUM” grant.

The following researchers took part in the event: prof. Michel Figeac, prof. Caroline Le Mao, MA Adèle Delaporte, Margaux Fournier, Aleksander Gniot (the University Library) prof. Agnieszka Jakuboszczak, prof. Igor Kraszewski, MA Anna Lepalczyk, MA Marcin Bzdawka, MA Andrzej Sip.

The main goal of the conference was to discuss  the private tutor’s  Paul Bigot de Morogues (1765-1856)  critical edition of a manuscript of the diary Journal de Bigot de Morogues pendant ses préceptorats en Allemagne, Pologne et Russie, à Breslau, Berlin, Reussen, Janow, Varsovie et Moscou (1788-17970, not edited until present. It is a very interesting document not only from the point of view of historians but also because of a rich palette of information preserved on the 1800 pages of the reference material (in 5 volumes). The meeting with the participation of Prof. Philippe Chassaigne and Prof. Marchlewicz regarding cooperation between scientists researching issues of the XIX and XX century was the highlight of the event. The conference was beyond doubt an impulse to enhance cooperation between the institutions.