I know because I can see

Organized by: Institute of Slavic Philology

30-31 May 2019

On May 30th and 31st, 2019 an interdisciplinary conference entitled „Widzę, więc wiem” („I know because I can see”) dedicated to the sense of sight, considered as the most important among human senses, was held in the Institute of Slavic Philology.

The main goal of the conference was to point out the complex and interesting in many aspects area of study, focusing on its interdisciplinary character.

More than 50 authors and experts in linguistics, literary studies, psychology, sociology, history and cultural studies from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Serbia and Ukraine took part in the conference.

The speakers addressed different issues concerning sight as well as ways of solving the most vital problems in this area. The participants of the conference had a chance to hear and reflect on  lectures on individual human senses and synaesthesia in linguistics or literary studies, about the semanthic field of visual perception within languages, as well as about the importance of eyes, sight, and visual media like photography or film, among others, in modern society and pop culture.

“Zobaczyć człowieka” (To see a Man) photography exposition by Stanislave Kostić was the highlight of the event.

In 2020 „Widzę, więc wiem” monograph edited by Ana Samardžić and Ninoslav Radaković was published. It consists of 23 scientific papers in six languages.