A Person in a World of Cultural and Social Change

Education for Learning Society: an Interdisciplinary Approach

Organized by: Faculty of Educational Studies

3 July 2019

The conference A Person in a world of cultural and social change, with the subtitle: Education for learning society: An interdisciplinary approach has been organized since 2014 by the Faculty of Educational Studies - Department of Elementary Education and Pedagogical Therapy (currently it is the Laboratory of Research on the Learning Process).

The conference is always organized at the beginning of July and this year it will be its seventh edition.

The main goal of the conference is the exchange of knowledge and experience in relation to socio-cultural changes happening in the modern world. These changes put the man face-to-face with new challenges – globalization, new lifestyles, educational, media challenges, change of law and politics of social unrest.

This discourse seems necessary, because even though the modern world isn’t perfect we live in it. We are intent on an interdisciplinary and multidimensional debate considering both the scientific and practical perspective. Thus we are interested in papers presenting: new research results, theoretical and empirical analysis, as well as references to professional practice.

Each year since its first edition the conference is held under the patronage of Vice-Rectors for Doctoral Studies and International Cooperation of Adam Mickiewicz University and the Dean of the Faculty of Educational Studies. Since the first edition the conference has been chaired by Prof. Hanna Krauze-Sikorska, PhD.

The speakers were eminent AMU professors from various fields of science, scientists and academics from universities and colleges in Israel and Poland, but also doctoral students and practitioners, many of which work at the Israeli Ministry of Education, foundations working for the benefit of children and adolescents, schools and kindergartens operating in the educational system of Israel.