Random Structures & Algorithms

Organized by: the Institute of European Culture in Gniezno

2-6 August 2021

The twentieth Random Structures&Algorithms conference, to be held in the Institute of European Culture in Gniezno form 2 to 6 August 2021, is another event in the series of recurring meetings of researchers in the fields of discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science (TSC) and optimization theory sharing a common interest in the use of probability tools and techniques within the above areas of study.

Iniciated in 1983 the meetings are the most important internnational forum for sharing results of scientific research in these topics. With the exception of five conferences – Atlanta 1996, 2011, Tel Aviv 2007, Pittsburgh 2015, and Zurich 2019 – all the remaining were held in Poznań and Gniezno. Both the specialists invited to give speeches and the conference organisers have the resources and the potential to attract a large and varied group of participants as well as extensive experience in  organising of such events. Prof. Daniela Kühn, prof. Deryk Osthus, prof. Wojciech Samotij, dr Anita Liebenau, prof. Nathan Linial, prof. Mihyun Kang, prof. Yufei Zhao, prof. Jozsef Solymosi have confirmed their participation in the conference so far. The research results presented during the conference are going to be posted in the prestigious Random Structues&Algorithms scientific journal published by Wiley Online Library, as well as available to a wider public on the conference website and via archived recordings of some of the lectures.

The aim of the conference is to allow the participants become familiar with the newest areas and results of research in random discrete structures, algorithms, IT, and related disciplines. Random models and methods play the key role in researching the combinatorial structures and in designing efficient algorithms solving current problems related to combinatorial optimization and calculations.

The Random Structures & Algorithms conference for many years has been the most important international forum for sharing results of scientific research in discrete mathematics and in computer science. The selection of invited lecturers reflects the wide range of topics to be covered, encompassing classical issues, currently going through another surge of, as well as the ones that appeared relatively recently, like the complexity of algorithms investigating graph isomorphism, the Ramsey theory problems, the use of Regularity Lemma, the characteristics of phase transition in random discrete structures, as well as modelling and analising complex networks.