Biotechnologia - studia w języku angielskim (Biotechnology)

studia II stopnia (magisterskie), stacjonarne

Orientacyjny limit miejsc: 30

Study description

MSc study programme introduces you to the biomedical aspects of biotechnology. The programme covers the latest concepts, achievements, and methodologies of medical biotechnology. It will develop the necessary practical skills in biomedical and molecular biology techniques, project management, will give a hands-on experience with commonly used as well as sophisticated instrumentation, and will explore the requirements of bioeconomy and biotechnological legislation. Programme  finishes with an MSc title.

Degree course assets

Alumni will be equipped with practical skills to apply novel biotechnology and molecular biology techniques in practice. They will be well prepared to design and realize research projects and are familiar with law regulations in biotechnology field. They will be eligible to continue education for PhD degree, and will be valuable employees in research institutions and commercial companies. Excellent skills in scientific English will help them to develop career in international environment.

Selected study areas

Work opportunities

Alumni are well prepared for work in Poland and abroad in broad range of institutions: