Filologia, specjalność studia śródziemnomorskie - studia w języku angielskim

studia II stopnia (magisterskie), stacjonarne

Orientacyjny limit miejsc: 15

Opis studiów

Studies offers a unique combination of interdisciplinary theory and practice as well as provides opportunities for gaining hands-on experience in culture tourism. The programme is intended for all those willing to extend their knowledge about cultural identity of contemporary Europe and its heritage rooted in ancient Greco-Roman tradition. The programme is shaped by the students of multiple cultural backgrounds, European or otherwise, who bring to the table their diverse experiences and perspectives.

Atuty kierunku

MA studies for BA graduates in the Humanities, Social Studies, and Education Modular studies providing flexible and personalized learning Key to understanding Europe and its cultural identity Knowledge of classical literature and culture Classical tradition and the most important aspects of the Mediterranean culture from the contemporary perspective International groups (visiting students from Europa and Asia)

Specjalności w ramach kierunku

Na kierunku nie wyodrębniono specjalności.

Wybrane przedmioty na studiach

  • Ancient Literature, Selected Problems,
  • Practical Latin,
  • Practical Greek,
  • Greek Tutorial,
  • Latin Tutorial,
  • Mediterranean Mythologies, Categories of Ancient Culture,
  • Categories of European Culture,
  • Classical Philosophy and Its Reception,
  • Classical Roots of Modern Education,
  • Classical Theatre,
  • Western Rhetorical Communication,
  • Ancient World in Visual Arts, Latin in European Culture,
  • Cultural Role of Greece and Italy Tours,
  • Ancient Myths in Cultur.

Praca po studiach

Better understanding of Europe will help students extend their acquired skills to multiple culture-related specialisms, such as media, tourism, international relations, and increase their employment prospects. Mediterranean Studies is the key to Europe! After completing the degree programme, graduate students will be ready to undertake research and enter PhD studies in culture science, classical philology or other subjects in humanities.