Languages at AMU

We want to welcome all foreign students to AMU Foreign Languages Teaching Centre. We are an inter-departmental unit whose aim is to promote and facilitate foreign language learning among University students.

AMU Foreign Languages Teaching Centre offers courses in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian at different levels. Moreover, there are courses in Specialist Languages (e.g. ESP , Business English, Academic English, Latin etc.)

A foreign student coming to Poznań either for a semester or a year can choose a foreign language course even if it is not included in their program of studies  (e.g. 2nd year of Master’s Degree).

A foreign student can choose a language course that is conducted at the faculty where they are studying or at any other faculty.  If they wished to extend their language learning experience (e.g. learn 2 languages), there are also language courses on the commercial offer of AMU Foreign Languages Teaching Centre (30 or 60 hours per semester), for which they have to pay a tuition fee.

A foreign student gets 2 ECTS points for one semester of a foreign language course.

AMU Foreign Languages Teaching Centre

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