Student Offices

Student Offices are the first point of contact for you, the students of our university. We provide support and assistance in your student affairs.Student Offices are available to all UAM students: full-time, part-time, bachelor and master studies, 5-year master studies, and postgraduate studies.

We attend more than 34 thousand students in 6 locations in Poznan and in 4 out-of-town branches
  • 18offices
  • 10locations
  • >90employees

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What do we do?

  • Student IDs

    You will receive a student ID card and extend its validity.
  • Applications & Requests

    You will submit applications/requests for your course of study*.

    * You can submit most of them online through your USOS account (USOS is the University Student Support System, which will allow you to check your tuition payments, applications, schedules, grades and email)
  • Financial support

    Handling the process of submitting applications for financial aid (scholarships, grants, student house accommodation) and applications for the Rector's scholarship for the best students*.

    * You will submit these applications only through your USOS account.
  • Certification

    At your request, we will issue the necessary certificates, for example to the bank.
  • Student exchange

    You can take part in the international exchanges under the ERASMUS+ program and other bilateral agreements - we will provide the necessary information! You will also learn about interuniversity exchange opportunities.
  • Diplomas

    You will receive a diploma with a supplement.
  • Regulations, procedures...

    We will help you wade through the meanders of regulations. With our help you will clear any doubts about regulations and procedures.
  • Information and assistance

    If you don't know where to turn with an issue, we will suggest where to find help.

    We provide all important information on the pages or subpages of the Student Offices, Faculty pages or our social media and on the student intranet.



The world around us is changing, and we are changing for you

Studying is an adventurous and challenging road - we will help you travel it


Remember that our email contact is always through student emails in the domain, not through private emails.

Choose your Student Office:

Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences, Faculty of Human Geography and Planning

str. Bogumiła Krygowskiego 10
61-680 Poznań

Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Anthropology and Cultural Studies (Cultural Studies)

str. Szamarzewskiego 89 bud. C
60-568 Poznań

Faculty of Anthropology and Cultural Studies (Ethnology), Faculty of History, Faculty of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts Studies

str. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 7
61-614 Poznań

Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures

blvd. Niepodległości 4
61-874 Poznań

Faculty of Biology

str. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 6
61-614 Poznań

Faculty of Chemistry

str. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 8
61-614 Poznań

Faculty of Physics

str. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 2
61-614 Poznań

Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology, Faculty of Anthropology and Cultural Studies (Theatre Studies, Interactive Media and Performance)

str. Fredry 10
61-702 Poznań

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

str. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 4
61-614 Poznań

Faculty of English

str. Grunwaldzka 6
60-780 Poznań

Faculty of Political Science and Journalism

str. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 5
61-614 Poznań

Faculty of Law and Administration

str. Kościuszki 80a
61-892 Poznań

Faculty of Theology

str. Wieżowa 2/4
61-111 Poznań

Faculty of Educational Studies

str. Szamarzewskiego 89 bud. D
60-568 Poznań

Institute of European Culture in Gniezno

str. Kostrzewskiego 5-7
62-200 Gniezno

Faculty of Pedagogy and Fine Arts in Kalisz

str. Nowy Świat 28-30
62-800 Kalisz

AMU Nadnotecki Institute in Piła

str. Kołobrzeska 15
64-920 Piła

Collegium Polonicum in Słubice

str. Kościuszki 1
69-100 Słubice