Mission Statement and Documents

...only an enlightened nation can be free...

Mission Statement

  • Looking to the Future, we do not forget Tradition

    The University has its roots in the academic traditions of Poznań, which were initiated by the Lubrański Academy in the 16th century and the College of the Society of Jesus, which was raised to the rank of a university by the acts of Polish monarchs in 1611 and 1678 respectively.

    The development of the university was stopped during the gloomy years of national bondage. However, when independence was regained in 1918, on May 7, 1919, on the initiative of the members of the Poznań Society of the Friends of Science, founded in 1857, with the support of the local Polish authorities, the university was restored.

    Initially, the University was called Wszechnica Piastowska [Piast University]. In 1920 it was renamed the University of Poznań and in 1955 it was named after the great Polish Romantic poet, Adam Mickiewicz.

    To this day, the University is guided by the same goals on which it was founded, reflected in the words of one of its founders:

    "Dreams and longings of generations come true, we participate in political and state freedom, and at the same time, according to the noble memory of our fathers' principles that only an enlightened nation can be free, the concern for the enlightenment of the nation is one of the first concerns of the reviving Poland".

  • Our strength is the partnership of Research and Teaching in the education of our students

    The university, aware of its rich traditions of excellence, is home to research and teaching  in the humanities as well as natural, life and social sciences. Taking advantage of established and cutting-edge research, it paves the way for students to further their education, discover the changing world and challenges of modern society

    It constantly expands and updates its research programmes and courses of study, with particular emphasis on their interdisciplinarity and internationalization. It increases the variety of forms and modes of study and gives students the opportunity to shape their individual course of study.

    The University, acting on a local and global level, ensures excellent diploma quality and universal access to knowledge.

    The University cares for the development of its greatest asset - the intellectual capital of its research, technical and administrative staff, as well as students and doctoral students.

    The University builds a community of professionals, a community of people who have discovered the value of mutual cooperation.

  • We are part of Wielkopolska, Poland and Europe

    The University is a source of progress and serves the welfare of individuals and society. It significantly contributes to the development of Poznań and Wielkopolska and to a large extent the whole country.

    The University is open to the needs of the city and the region, conducts numerous research, teaching and cultural initiatives, and actively works to create a science and education friendly climate.

    TheUniversity expands its contacts with business, contributing to the competitiveness of the region's economy, and actively promotes the creation of a lifelong learning system.

    The University prides itself on being a European university and follows the principles of the Grand Charter of European Universities.

    It promotes pro-European ideas and actively participates in theinternational scientific community by implementing joint research and educational programmes. It strengthens its links with the countries of the European Union and takes new initiatives that provide opportunities for cooperation with the countries of Eastern Europe.

  • We create an Elite of Social and Economic Life

    The University conducts research at the highest world level. Its results are of undeniable value to society, science, culture and economy.

    The academicstaff is able to ensure scientific progress. Thehigh quality of research and education is confirmed by national and international evaluation systems.

    The University prepares highly qualified, enterprising graduates, full of initiative and creativity, who bring new ideas and models of social life and are able to function in a competitive global market.

    The education offered by the University reflects the spirit of respect for human rights, patriotism, democracy and responsibility for the fate of society and the state.

  • It is our duty to develop Cultural Heritage

    The University wishes to promote the values that make up the community of Europe's spiritual and cultural heritage, together with its native traditions.

    The University is an ethically sensitive community in all its research, teaching and cultural activities, but also an institution which, by virtue of its mission, ensures the integrity of all sciences.

    The University’s mission reflects the spirit of independent thinking and freedom of discussion, research and creative thought  and closely related educational activities, respecting the principles of humanism, democracy and tolerance.

    It is a community of professors and students that has inscribed the ideal of seeking truth through reason into the academic freedom of research and study, in accordance with the principle of acting for the common good.


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