AMU Authorities

prof. dr hab. Bogumiła Kaniewska

prof. Bogumiła Kaniewska

Her Magnificence Rector

Objectives and responsibilities:

  • University management and administration
  • Representing the AMU
  • Convening and presiding over the AMU Senate meetings
  • Managing HR policies
  • Setting the standards of cooperation between national and foreign Universities
  • Creating, transforming, and dissolving AMU organizational units
  • Appointing scientific workers to the position of full Professors as well as designating the posts
  • Implementing the AMU works and expenditures Schedule
  • Managing the AMU financial, and business activity as well as supervising the administrative section
  • Conducting AMU internal audit
  • Supervising the Disciplinary Proceedings Representative for academic staff matters
  • Civil Defense
  • Deciding on the matters determined by the Higher Education Act and the AMU Statutes


Collegium Minus, ul. Wieniawskiego 1, Rector’s Office

Stand-by duties: by prior appointment at the phone number: 61 829 43 08.