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Great Bee Day in the Botanical Garden

Many happy returns on B-Day! Celebrate it with us in the Botanical Garden on August 6-8.

You can take part in the field game. It has the form of a walking tour of the Garden combined with the performance of tasks.

Participants will wander in the footsteps of pollinators, learning about the mysterious relationships between plants and insects.

A game card can be obtained at the Exposition and Education Pavilion, located on the Garden's grounds.

QR code plaques will be hidden along the route, so you will need a phone with an app installed to read them.

On Monday, August 8, a stand with workshops and quizzes for children will be waiting for you from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. You will find us at the Picnic Glade.

You can also admire the outdoor flowers and pollinators exhibition next to the Exposition and Education Pavilion.

It shows the beauty of pollinating insects, provides interesting facts about them and encourages the protection of this important group of ecological animals.

Join us! Admission is free!