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Maria Nicz-Borowiakowa exhibition in the National Museum in Poznań

The National Museum in Poznań is preparing the first monographic exhibition of one of the most important artists of Polish Constructivism: Maria Nicz-Borowiakowa.

The Artist

The artist belonged to the first generation of students of the Warsaw School of Fine Arts. Friendships formed during her studies, as well as a several-month stay in Paris, outlined her creative path, associated with membership in the most important grouping of the avant-garde - the "Block of Cubists and Suprematists and Constructivists." Nicz-Borowiakowa participated in almost all exhibitions of this formation. Later she collaborated with the constructivist and functionalist group "Praesens".

Around 1930, after the birth of her daughter, the painter withdrew from artistic life. From these years, which also included the period of World War II, there are few, sometimes unfinished paintings from the collection of the artist's family. They will be loaned to the exhibition.

The Exhibition

The exhibition will present the artist's contribution to the heritage of Polish art of the first half of the 20th century.

It will show works from the 1930s, hitherto unknown to the general public, as well as documents and magnificent photographs preserved in the hands of the family.

They include portraits of the artist herself, members of her family and friends, as well as photographs documenting student life in the studios of the Warsaw School of Fine Arts and social gatherings at the artist's home.

The main, opening space of the exhibition will be occupied by a presentation of her avant-garde-related paintings. Some paintings will be accompanied by sketches, allowing one to trace the work on form.

Drawings and sketchbooks, early works created outside the mainstream avant-garde, will be shown in a separate section of the exhibition. The exhibition will include portraits, utilitarian objects, designed and decorated by the artist, creating a symbolic reference to a kind of private space.

Enjoy this very special exhibition. The entrance fee is 15 PLN.

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