Event date:

Museums' Night 2022 Poznan and Eurovision Song Finals

Dear International Students,

AMU Welcome Centre invites you to take part in two parallel events on Saturday, 14th of May.

Parallel Event no.1:  the Long Night of Museums.
Places to visit:
*Archdiocesan Museum: http://muzeum.poznan.pl; short choir concert at 8 p.m.
*The National Museum: https://mnp.art.pl/en/ (trumpet solo concert of Michal Liszczenko from Ukraine at 9 p.m.);
*The Museum of Old Instruments Museum: https://mnp.art.pl/en/oddzialy/muzeum-instrumentow-muzycznych/
*The Poznan Bamberg Museum (http://www.bambrzy.poznan.pl)
Date: May 14th
Time: 19.30-23.00
Duration: 3,5 hours
Cost: 4 PLN (1 PLN per each Museum)
Venue: Cathedral in Ostrów Tumski Island
Please register with joanna.janas@amu.edu.pl by 12:00, May 13th
The First Long Night of Museums was held in Berlin in 1997. It was a huge success and other European cities soon followed. Currently, more than 120 cities across Europe take part in this event. In Poland, the first Long Night of Museums took place in 2003, at the Poznan National Museum.

Parallel Event no.2:  Eurovision Song Finals Live and Pizza Party
AMU Welcome Centre invites you for a live broadcast of the Eurovision Song Finals and a Pizza Party, on Saturday May 14th, starting at 21:00 on a big screen and with full-stereo 6-speaker sound!
Date:  May 14th
Time:  21:00 – 23:30
Duration:  2,5 hours
Cost:  free, pizza included at no charge!
Venue:  AMU Welcome Center, ul. Św.Marcin 78
Please, register with:  marcin.witkowski@amu.edu.pl by 12:00, May 13th