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Social project: Cultural encounter "Whispers of Silk"

Purpose: Meeting young creators of Poznan social culture with people of Chinese or Asian origin, who stay in our city for study, work or other reasons. Meeting with international institutions and city authorities. Exchange of experiences, learning more about Chinese culture, history, traditions, and language, and trying to build friendly relations between young representatives of the Poznan community. Invitation to creative cooperation and co-creation of the city's social culture. Fight against social exclusion. Possibility of creative continuation of the workshop (expression of movements accompanied by sounds, voices and text).


  • Concert: Theatrical etudes inspired by Chinese legends.
  • Opening: Artistic photography exhibition of the series "Whispers of Silk" with the participation of ANIKAME theatre studio. At the opening, we invite you to a free debate with the participation of heads of institutions and representatives of the city government on the topic "Made in Poland" - about cultural stereotypes in Poland and China.
  • Tea art and calligraphy workshop.

Organizers: MDK1 Student Committee, ANIKAME Theatre Studio at MDK1

Location: Poznań Youth Cultural Centre 1, ul. Droga Dębińska 21, Building E.

Time: 27 May 2024, 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. (may be slightly longer) Free admission.

Media: Radio Afera, WTK

Contact: 662004446

We invite young people, especially students, to participate in this event.


目的:波兹南社会文化的年轻创造者与来自中国或亚洲血统、因学习、工作或其他原因留在我们城市的人会面。 与国际机构和城市当局会面。 交流经验,更多地了解中国文化、历史、传统、语言,尝试在波兹南社区的年轻代表之间建立友好关系。 邀请大家进行创造性合作,共同创造城市的社会文化。 对抗社会排斥。 研讨会创造性延续的可能性(伴随声音、声音和文字的动作表达)。



开幕式:ANIKAME 戏剧工作室参与的“丝绸的低语”系列艺术摄影展。 开幕式上,我们邀请您参加由机构负责人和市政府代表参加的自由辩论,题为“波兰制造”——关于波兰和中国的文化成见。


组织者:MDK1 学生委员会、MDK1 的 ANIKAME 戏剧工作室

地点:波兹南青年文化中心 1 号,ul. Droga Dębińska 21,E 楼。

时间:2024年5月27日 17-20(时间可能稍长)


媒体:Radio Afera、WTK