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Welcome Centre Spring trip to Rogalin Palace

The month of April marks new opportunities at AMU to celebrate Nature going back to life, and a warm Spirng breeze during the holidays of Easter, Ramadan and Pesach.

That’s why you are first invited to take part in a Welcome Centre Spring trip to Rogalin Palace and Park.

Date:  April 10th, 2022

Time:  from 8:30 until 16:00.

Cost:  50 PLN/person (includes: transport by coach both ways, all entry tickets to the Palace, Carriage House, paintings gallery and the Park, lunch and insurance).

Please register and bring cash to:  joanna.janas@amu.edu.pl by 15:00, April 7th.

Cash should be delivered to:  AMU Welcome Center, ul. Św.Marcin 78, enter through the corner of the building through big glass door.

Maximum number of people: 45

More about Rogalin:  https://rogalin.mnp.art.pl/en