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A cutting-edge method for producing silatranes

Research on an innovative way of producing Silatranes (organic silicon compounds) by scientists from the Faculty of Chemistry has been published in the prestigious journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (IF= 8.4)!

The article 'Solvent-Free and Efficient Synthesis of Silatranes via an Organocatalytic Protocol under Mild Conditions', authored by Myong Joon Oh, PhD., Prof Ireneusz Kownacki and Prof Maciej Kubicki, describes a cutting-edge, catalytic method for the synthesis of organofunctional silatranes. Considering its simplicity, efficiency, and favourable 'green chemistry' ratios, it could revolutionise the production of silicon derivatives on an industrial scale. The authors of the research assume that a significant increase in the efficiency of the silatranes synthesis process compared to previously known methods, with a simultaneous reduction in production costs, should lead to an expansion in interest in this type of derivatives by other branches of the chemical industry, e.g. organosilicon, polymers, tyres.

We sincerely congratulate our scientists on their publications and research and wish them further success.