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A German-Polish sign of solidarity - 30 Ukrainian students visit European University Viadrina and Collegium Polonicum

30 Ukrainian students will be hosted by the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) and the Collegium Polonicum in Słubice until Saturday. Following an invitation from Viadrina and Adam Mickiewicz University, students from the Ukrainian partner universities will come to the Frankfurt (Oder) - Slubice bi-city to earn knowledge about start-ups and digitalisation. Since the extension of Russia's aggression against Ukraine, the AMU has regularly welcomed Ukrainian students to Poznan. The European University Viadrina and the Collegium Polonicum are now participating for the first time.

" In January 2023, AMU launched a support programme for Ukrainian universities thanks to funding obtained from the Erasmus +, the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange and the National Centre for Research and Development. We have developed a model of weekly training courses attended - depending on the topic - by students, PhD students, academics and administration. With great pleasure, this time, we are hosting week-long workshops at Viadrina and Collegium Polonicum. It is proof of the fruitful cooperation between our universities, and we are planning further joint projects to help Ukraine," ~ says the school's co-initiator, Prof. Rafał Witkowski, AMU Vice-Rector for International Affairs.

Viadrina Vice-President Prof. Dr. Dagmara Jajeśniak-Quast adds: "For us at Viadrina, it is essential to make it clear within the framework of our German-Polish cooperation that we do not forget our partners in Ukraine. Since the war has been going on for so long and is sometimes out of the public eye, it is even more necessary than ever to develop our partnership with Ukrainian universities."

Regarding the content of the visit, Philipp Heinicke from the Viadrina Entrepreneurship Centre says - "We are delighted that our Ukrainian partners have selected 30 students with a passion for start-ups to come to Frankfurt/Oder and Berlin to make connections and face the challenges of our time through entrepreneurship."

During their stay, the students will discuss start-ups and digitalisation with Viadrina lecturers. In addition, excursions in the partner city, intercultural workshops and language courses have also been planned.
In Berlin, the group will learn, among other things, about the 'Phineo Startups' programme, which supports start-ups in and for Ukraine.

photo credit: Przemysław Stanula