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AMU in the Uni4Equity project

"It's a crucial time for our team, as the results of months of work have finally seen the light of day," describes the Uni4Equity project manager for Poland, Professor Sylwia Jaskulska

The Uni4Equity was launched in February 2023 and is scheduled to operate for three years. The main aim is to strengthen universities in identifying, mapping and responding to sexual harassment in the workplace. The project is coordinated by Prof Carmen Vives-Cases team from the University of Alicante (Spain). The following institutions are also involved in the programme:  Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, CESIE (Italy), APLICA (Spain), University of Burgenland (Austria), University of Antwerp (Belgium), University of Verona (Italy), University of Maia (Portugal).

"Today, we encourage those studying and working at AMU to contribute to the survey, as we wish to know your opinions and experiences related to the project theme. Soon, we will present an agenda of workshops, trainings and meetings dedicated to this topic. In line with its main objective, the programme will strengthen our university community," says Prof. Jaskulska.

A link to the survey can be found here.

Source: Polish-language version of the Adam Mickiewicz University website