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AMU scientists ranked among the best

8 of our scientists were ranked among the Best Scientists by the academic platform

In the field of Ecology and Evolution, Prof. Jacek Radwan from the Faculty of Biology was ranked 5th in Poland, whilist Prof. Mariusz Lamentowicz from the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences was placed in 7th place.

In the domain of Environmental Sciences, Prof. Tomasz Goslar from the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences was classified 6th in Poland.

In the Mathematics discipline, Prof. Tomasz Łuczak was awarded 6th place, and Prof Andrzej Ruciński 11th. Both are from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

At the same time, Prof. Tomasz Łuczak was given 12th place in the Computer Science field.

Prof Michał Michałowski from the Faculty of Physics was ranked 13th in the field of Physics.

Two of our representatives made it to the list in Chemistry: in 16th place, Prof. Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu from the Centre for Advanced Technologies and Prof. Maria Ziółek from the Faculty of Chemistry in 51st place.

We congratulate all our Scientists and we wish them continued success!