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Call for applications for the 5th edition of NAWA's Ulam Programme

NAWA (Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange) invites scholars from foreign universities and research centres with a PhD to apply for the S.Ulam Programme.

This is the 5th edition of the Stanisław Ulam programme! Our aim is to increase the internationalisation of Polish universities and scientific institutions. The ULAM NAWA programme allows recognised as well as promising scientists to come to Poland, enables them to complete internships, as well as to establish and deepens scientific cooperation in Polish research and academic centres. The programme enables a gradual increase in the number of foreign scientists involved in research and teaching in Poland, thus strengthening the potential of Polish entities.

So far, 4 calls have been closed, and in each of them several times more applications have been submitted than the planned funding would indicate.  The average success rate after 4 closed editions was around 22%. The total number of beneficiaries who have received a positive decision exceeds 250 and these are citizens from 52 countries.

The ULAM NAWA scholarship holders identified 66 Polish institutions and universities, where they would like to conduct their research. Although some of the projects ended, many of the scholarship holders remained in Poland, staying at our centres for longer, writing new joint projects and publications.

The call for applications for the Programme will be conducted from 21 February to 22 May 2023 until 15:00, according to the official time in Poland.

We warmly invite you to our University!

More information about the programme, as well as about regulations and call details is available on the NAWA website.