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Dr Joanna Morawska co-authored a chapter in a book published by Springer

The Springer publishing house has published a book entitled "Industry 5.0. Creative and Innovative Organisations", in which one of the chapters was written by Dr Joanna Morawska jointly with Prof Elias G. Carayannis from George Washington University.

The chapter titled 'University and Education 5.0 for Emerging Trends, Policies and Practices in the Concept of Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0' deals with contemporary challenges faced by higher education institutions in the context of ongoing social and economic changes, particularly within the regional innovation environment. In it, the authors also propose some recommendations for shaping relations with the socio-economic circumstances, which will be better adapted to social needs and expectations, and at the same time, fit into the concept of sustainable development.

These are based on three fundamental pillars.

The first involves integrating the principles of sustainable development into the university's mission and strategy and strengthening the social impact of science, while the second postulate the strengthening of strong leadership focused on simultaneously protecting core academic values while understanding the values and needs of the university's environment, particularly those oriented towards the challenges of the future.

The third sees the process of green and digital transformation as a huge opportunity for universities to offer more flexible forms of education, adapted to the needs of all social and age groups throughout their careers and constantly adapting to them. The whole is based on the co-production and co-creation of new knowledge in the arrangement of the most crucial elements of the five-element innovation helix, i.e. science, business, policymakers and society.

The publication is available here.