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GLOBAL CIRCLES: Life Goals: What is a Meaningful Life?

Before meeting your old friends and family back home,  Soliya allows you to make new ones in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

That prestigious New York institution invites you and people aged 18-35 of any nationality and place of stay for two free-of-charge Global Circles discussion meetings online on June 14th and June 21st at an agreed time.

You will focus on the topic "Life Goals: What is a Meaningful Life?" during the 2.5-hour sessions.

Having prepared for the discussion, as a first-time participant you can equally enjoy being an active conversationalist or a reflective observant.

Even if you take part in one discussion only, you will gain new experience in a multicultural setting and get a Certificate of Completion.

If you are curious: enroll for the Global Circles by May 26th

Apply through the link

Use the convener code!: DAFU001

Check the program and your gains in Soliya’s poster below!