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Greenland: tourism vs sustainable development

Dr Magdalena Kugiejko from the AMU Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences is researching the development of tourism in Greenland. As part of an international project entitled 'Ensuring sustainability in Greenland's growing tourism industry', in cooperation with the Norwegian Rural and Regional Research Institute Ruralis and the University of Ilisimatusarfik, the scientist analyses the impact of growing tourism on the island's environment and economy.

The AMU researcher, jointly with Dr Pia Otte from the Norwegian Rural and Regional Research Institute Ruralis, is aiming to answer the question of whether Greenland's growing tourism can be sustainable. The scientists are collaborating closely with Professor Gestur Hovgaard from the University of Ilisimatusarfik.

The study concentrates on increased tourism in the Arctic region and examines the impact of this change both as an environmental challenge and an opportunity for the development of the sector.

- "Greenland is following an ambitious strategy to increase tourism and has introduced a variety of measures to support growth in the sector, including three new airports making travel more accessible and affordable for tourists and likely to dramatically change the entire tourism landscape. However, it also places new demands on the sustainability of Greenland's tourism sector. In our research, we plan to focus on southwest Greenland and conduct research in the field (...) to identify opportunities and constraints for tourism development concerning sustainable tourism.", explains the researcher.

Dr Magdalena Kugiejko also participated as a speaker in a meeting organised by the University of Ilisimatusarfik, Ruralis and UA, focusing on sustainability challenges and opportunities for tourism development in Greenland.