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Hindi for you. Hindi language learning platform

"Hindi for You" is a project initiated by the employees of the Institute of Oriental Studies (Faculty of Modern Language and Literatures) in cooperation with the AF Group. The objective is to create a multimedia platform which can be used free of charge by anyone wishing to learn Hindi and explore the culture of India.

The platform is scheduled to be launched in September 2023. Its core content will consist of 30 Hindi lessons covering cultural, social, ethical and legal issues related to the professional use of the language. The project manager is AMU Professor Monika Browarczyk, head of the Department of South Asia at the AMU Institute of Oriental Studies.

- In an innovative way, we will combine traditional learning methods, interactive techniques for learning the Devanagari script, expanding vocabulary and building communicative competence. Lessons will include dialogues, texts, vocabulary, recordings of texts, exercises and trivia. There will also be an opportunity to check completed tasks. An additional stimulus will be a grading system, the platform's creators write.

The 'Hindi for You' is financed by the Norwegian and EEA Funds under Component III: EDUCATION PROGRAMME, 'Institutional cooperation to improve the quality and relevance of vocational education and training (VET) and lifelong learning'.

We encourage you to check out the project website for more information about the platform, its developers, partners, funding, and updates.

Visit the 'Hindi for you' project page!