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More than 100 books were donated to the Raczyński Library by befriended Ukrainian universitie

The idea of collecting books appeared in February this year, with the launch of the AMU Summer School series for partner universities in Ukraine and an enquiry from the Raczyńki Library regarding the availability of Ukrainian books for which demand had increased significantly.

In response to numerous requests from project participants, 'What can we bring as a gift', and 'What can we do', we answered, "Bring a popular book'.

Thus, most of the books given to the Raczyński Library are among the TOP-50 most popular books in Ukraine.

It is worth mentioning that the Summer School for Librarians is the 29th Summer School organised by AMU. In total, almost 300 books were collected throughout the project and thematically distributed between the Raczyński Library, the University Library, the Library of the Faculty of History, the Library of the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures and the Library of The Poznan Society for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences.

Source and Photo credit: Kostiantyn Mazur, PhD