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Polish-Irish Historical Studies

Polish-Irish Historical Studies is a new research and educational project implemented by Dr Adam Kucharski and Dr Robert Tomczak, with the support and patronage of Prof. Józef Dobosz, Dean of the Faculty of History at AMU. The aim of the project is to highlight the historical relations between Poland and Ireland.

The main initiator and creator of the initiative are Dr Adam Kucharski - historian, researcher, and member of the Polish Society for Irish Studies. who received his doctoral degree from the UAM Institute of History. Dr Kucharski currently lives and works in Ireland, where he conducts research on Polish-Irish relations.

Dr Kucharski is assisted in the project by Dr Robert Tomczak, a historian, researcher at AMU Faculty of History, and a member of many scientific societies, including the Polish Historical Society, the Polish-Czech Scientific Society and The European Society for the History of Science.

"The aim of the project is to highlight relations between Poland and Ireland, especially, but not exclusively, concerning the 19th century. A period unique to our shared history. Presenting peculiar similarities between the Poles and the Irish, which eventually led to direct and advanced relations between representatives of the two nations. At the time, these relations were peculiar in their intensity and character, the project implementers write."

The research will have a strong social dimension - it will refer to the current changing social structure of Ireland. It is intended to enable Poles living in Ireland, as well as those who were born there and now live in Poland, to identify more deeply with both countries.

For more information about the research and educational project please visit its website.