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Sinology Students in China

ollowing an invitation from China's Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University, a group of AMU Sinology students and an accompanying lecturer visited the city of Nanchang from 30 October to 8 November and attended a specially organised language course combined with additional activities.

Despite the challenges of travelling to Nanchang, located in south-east China, and the seven-hour time difference, no one intended to miss a single moment of the thrilling trip.

The hosts covered all costs associated with the stay. The programme consisted of lectures, language classes and workshops on selected aspects of Chinese culture, including traditional music, dance, martial arts and intangible cultural heritage. Our students' level of language skills and their very active participation in the classes and accompanying events impressed the Chinese side. Gratitude, going far beyond mere courtesy, was expressed both by the instructors and representatives of the Chinese university authorities, led by the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Prof. Zheng Pengwu. Therefore, Nanchang University decided to reward the students by allocating additional funds and enriching the programme with an excursion to the picturesque villages of Jingdezhen and Wuyuan, renowned for their artistic ceramics and historical architecture, respectively.

The participants were supported at all times by local student volunteers, who, among other things, helped them find their way around the university campus and showed them the most remarkable places in the city. The friendships and acquaintances made on this occasion are the additional 'yield' from the trip.

The representatives of the Chinese university have already stated that they wish to continue the cooperation beyond the one-off course and to make the initiative a regular event.
Source & Photo credit: Kamil Burkiewicz, PhD, Department of Chinese Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies


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