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Studies at AMU: Check the syllabus

Are you planning to study at AMU? Are you curious about the majors on offer but wish to have a look at the syllabus?

Essential information about each programme can be found in the course search engine. The search engine has been linked to the Online Admission System for a few years. For several weeks, a website listing the curricula offered at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, has also been up and running.

Course search engine

Thanks to the filters, it is possible to narrow down the majors to include those that meet your criteria by mode, degree, language and hobbies (filtering by faculty). The degree programmes matching the requirements you have specified will be displayed. Clicking on them will take you to the course tab, containing:

  • description of the course,
  • information on specialisations,
  • a list of exemplary subjects,
  • information about the competencies of a graduate,
  • career prospects examples,
  • timetable of recruitment,
  • detailed rules of recruitment,
  • principles of calculating results on the secondary school leaving exam certificate,
  • scheme of recruitment procedures.

AMU syllabus

On the website, visitors may find more detailed information on each course. The database contains majors offered in a given academic year, i.e. the ones taught in 2023/2024.

All you have to do is select the faculty offering the degree programme and then select the course from the list. It is essential to choose the right degree and mode of study, e.g:

Geodesy and cartography

  • first-degree, engineering studies, full-time studies.

The first tab contains a description of the course, followed by a list of subjects and information on the form of the course (including the number of hours) and the form of course credit. For each programme, a comprehensive course outline is also provided, including information on the curriculum, skills and learning outcomes provided by the course.