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The journal Studia Historiae Oeconomicae is in the Scopus database

In early November, the journal Studia Historiae Oeconomicae was informed that it had been positively evaluated and added to the Scopus database.

STUDIA HISTORIAE OECONOMICAE (SHO) is an internationally reviewed journal that publishes English issues and reviews articles on economic and social life, presenting historical, economic and sociological points of view. Thus, SHO features research by historians, economists, sociologists and representatives of other social sciences from around the world dealing with questions in economic theory and practice, especially those interested in the history of Central and Eastern Europe. Simultaneously, the journal's pages provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of contemporary issues in socio-economic history.

The first issue of SHO was published in 1967, and its founders were Prof. Czesław Łuczak and Prof. Jerzy Topolski. Currently, the journal is headed by Prof. Tadeusz Janicki (Editor) and Prof. Lucyna Błażejczyk - Majka (Editorial Secretary).

Access to the journal is free of charge.

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