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The UAM GO app is now available!

Helping to facilitate navigation around the grounds of the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, and to provide support for anyone who has ever had difficulties finding their way around the university - these are the tasks of the UAM GO app. Thanks to personalised routes and information on obstacles, its users (students, employees, visitors) can move freely around the university's campus.

- "Map of selected facilities: Collegium Heliodori, Collegium Novum, Campus Ogrody - everything within easy reach on your phone!" - informs the AMU Support Office for Persons with Disabilities. As the Office employees add, 'the navigation in the app is personalised: you can readily determine the most convenient routes in the facilities of the two AMU campuses, considering your unique preferences and needs. You can choose whether to include lifts, stairs or other parts of the route. The app also provides descriptions of halls and rooms and information about obstacles, such as thresholds or narrow doors. Evacuation alerts also appear: - "You will be updated on possible dangers. If necessary, you can quickly contact the gatehouse. You'll always know what's happening on campus - from a broken lift to planned renovations", add employees from the AMU Support Office for Persons with Disabilities

UAM GO is the outcome of the joint effort and commitment of a team of students, university employees and experts who spent six months creating an app that meets users' expectations. - "Special thanks go to the employees of Snowdog, without whom our app would not have been created,".

The UAM GO app is part of the project POWR.03.05.00-00-A095/19 "A university open to all - a university for the 21st century", financed from European POWER funds. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded free of charge: