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What can be told in a minute in Hollywood?

A short film created by our Film Studies and Media Culture students (Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology)  will be screened in Hollywood.

The film  'End for Today' (Orig. 'Koniec na dzisiaj') was awarded the top prize in the feature category at the 17th One-Minute Film Festival in Gdansk last year and will be shown at the Secret Movie Club in Los Angeles at the end of September as part of a special screening of short films under the thematic banner 'Back to School'.

"In making a one-minute film, you have to be more creative than when creating a feature-length film. Everything because each short has to have an introduction, a development and an ending. "The End for Today came up with the idea after one of the longer productions. It tells the story of three boys playing football. The highlight moment is when one of the main characters ties his shoelaces. When he raises his head, they all focus their engagement with horror on a falling meteor.

The meteor was made from a large plastic bowl wrapped with a lot of paper and advertising newspapers. I painted it with white glue, then sprinkled the whole thing with soil. The special effect involved spinning the meteor on a swivel chair. Of course, the post-production stage was crucial at this moment so that viewers can delight themselves with the final result." - Dominik Cywinski and Kacper Jasinski explain.

The script and direction of the film were the responsibility of Dominik Cywiński, who, in addition to studying at the Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology, is also involved in the technical supervision of the Stanisław Lem Experimental Media Laboratory.

Other artists included:

Students: Kacper Jasinski (assistant director, responsible for the script, VFX and practical effects), Katarzyna Hinz (production management), Michał Mróz (set management), Janek Brzozowski (clapper), Adam Włodarczyk and Mikołaj Olejnik (grip);

Alumni: Mateusz Waliszewski (cinematography), Nikodem Wojciechowski (editing, colour and DIT)

and Associates: Michał Woźny (lighting), Oliwia Szeląg (on-set sound), Leonard Michalski (sound design), Katarzyna Błaszak (children's animation), Dawid Połomski (cinematographer's assistant), Jakub Sobczak (lighting assistant).