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Professor Stronski co-authored an article in the journal Science

The Science journal has published the article 'Language trees with sampled ancestors support a hybrid model for the origin of Indo-European languages', co-authored by the Dean of the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures, prof. Krzysztof Stroński.

In their article, the authors present a database of 109 modern and 52 historical Indo-European languages, which they analysed using Bayesian phylogenetic inference models. The results received suggest that the origins of Indo-European languages, spoken by almost half of the world's population, date back to around 8,000 BCE. Nevertheless, their origin and the way they have spread are still the subject of numerous discussions.

We warmly congratulate the Professor and wish him further scientific success.

And those curious about the world are invited to read the article.

photo credit: A. Wykrota