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BABI TARG at Stadion in Poznań

We invite you to the next Babi Targ, which will take place at Stadion Poznań (Poznań Stadium).

Babi Targ is the biggest and oldest clothes swap party in Poland, a great opportunity to clear out your wardrobe. It has been operating since 2007 in Poznań, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz and Łódź. As the event developed, the participants brought their own character to it. What started as a clothes swap party soon turned into a buy-and-sell event. Babi Targ serves as an opportunity to find unique clothes and jewellery for a fraction of the price. It is also a great alternative for all those who combine their love of fashion with an ecological lifestyle – clothes gain a second life, and you end up with some additional money in your pocket.

Babi Targ is the oldest and largest event of this type in Poland!



Admission for Visitors to Babi Targ: 5 złotych.

Tickets for Exhibitors and their Helpers are available online at www.tobilet.pl:


On the day of the event, admission to the place of the event for Exhibitors and Helpers – takes place from 10.30 a.m. -11.45 a.m.

You should bring a ticket with a visible QR Code (on your phone or printed) with you to the event. Each Exhibitor may only purchase a maximum of 1 ticket for the Helper. The assistant must accompany the Exhibitor during the ticket inspection. Luggage limits up to 2 items. One stand cannot take up more than approx. 150 cm x 100 cm of space. Only a previously booked place can be taken.  More info: www.babilad.pl