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Ballet performance and choreography workshop "Spectrum"

We invite you to register for free tickets to the ballet performance and choreography workshop "Spectrum", on April 13th, at the Aula Artis (ul. Kutrzeby 10) performed by dancers of our Poznan Opera House, at 19:00.
We have 25 free tickets only and registration is required:  welcome@amu.edu.pl

The ballet performance "Spectrum" is the result of choreographic work by the Poznań Opera House dancers.
During the premiere event on April 13, we are inviting you to a meeting with the dancers and a short discussion about the idea of the whole project - in Polish and English, since most of the dancers are English-speaking.
Details :

"Spectrum" is a performance spread over many choreographic languages, prepared entirely by the dancers of the Grand Theater Ballet. They are its creators in every aspect: they are responsible for the choreography, communication strategy, promotional materials, set design, they select the music and - last but not least - they dance.

We invite you on a journey full of surprising colors, which will reveal to us, the audience, a different face of the ballet company, and allow the dancers to discover new forms of expression, not only on stage.


choreography: Krystian AUGUSTYN

A duet showing the relationship between two people. A pure picture of feelings, in which there is something for everyone.

Four eleven: Nocturne Interlude
Choreography: Manuel Sanchez CIRBIAN
A piece about how we find ourselves in the journey of a relationship, presented by two people and expressed through the language of movement.

choreography: Diana CRISTESCU
A story inspired by everyday life, where technology and pandemic have deteriorated our social skills.

choreography: Miguel EUGÊNIO de Sousa Júnior
A moment of celebration, a state of contagious happiness; quick and precise steps inspired by excerpts from Antonio Vivaldi's concertos: No. 2 and No. 11 from the cycle La Stravaganza, Op. 4.

Folie à deux
choreography: Lucia Andres GARBAS
What is madness? Can it be tamed? How do people cope when experiencing this difficult state? Choreography is a search for answers to these questions.

... and more
choreography: Anna GUMNA
This is a story whose main thread is the theme of encounters between people. The first ones, as well as the renewed ones.

Let's Groove
choreography: Louis RAPHANEAU
The story contained in this choreography focuses on the gathering of people around music and hip-hop culture.

Punk Church
choreography: Massimiliano ROMANO
A message for "young adults," showing the fear of making important decisions, leading to paranoia.

Serenades Rouge
Choreography: John SVENSSON
Choreography inspired by the music of Stenhammar, which is a tribute to the style of the great masters of American ballet.

choreography: Giorgio TINARI
The starting point of the choreography is the corps de ballet: the male and female dancers - distinct personalities that make up the ensemble. It is a living and organic machine whose individual elements, the members of the ensemble, share a common goal: to create a unique performance.

A place is a living being
choreography: Matteo ZORZOLI
Spaces are empty places for subjective acts, territories of connected bodies and artistic expression.