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Book Lovers Among Students Inauguration Lecture

The scholarly meeting group for American literature and Culture - BLASt - cordially invites you to their inauguration lecture on ''Incredibly Shrinking People Travelling into Mysteries of the Atom!'' given by prof. Paweł Stachura.
The event will be held at Collegium Heliodori Święcicki on 25 November at 1:15 pm, room 215.

The lecture will discuss four examples: Fitz O'Brien's "The Diamond Lens", Ray Cummings's "The Girl in the Golden Atom", Richard Matheson's "The Shrinking Man" and Isaac Asimov's "Incredible Journey".​

When the world was getting too small for America in the 20th century, space became the next natural frontier of exploration and expansion. But, apart from space exploration, there was also a smaller, imaginary undercurrent which went in the opposite direction: to make Americans smaller, microscopic, so that they can explore and colonize a world that has suddenly become bigger.