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Book Lovers Among Students Second Meeting

BLASt cordially invites everyone to our next online meeting on January 26th, at 6:30. We will discuss the selected works of DON MEE CHOI (DMZ Colony) and SARAH MANGOLD (Her Wilderness Will Be Her Manners), and TRACY GRINNELL (Hell Figures) – the three contemporary American poets who will be visiting The Faculty of English in March.

Join us to learn about those engaging and diverse poetic voices. The meeting will be moderated by Paulina Ambroży. A selection of the texts for our discussion will be available in the BLASt MS TEAMS file folder.

BLASt is a scholarly circle based at the Faculty of English and devoted to the study of American literature and culture. The meetings are held once a month (Wednesdays), online, in the dedicated MS TEAMS channel.

If you wish to join our meetings and our channel on MS Teams, please contact Małgorzata Olsza at malgorzata.olsza@amu.edu.pl