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Degrowth: a new social (dis)order?

Open Seminars are the Department of Social Practice Theory and Research’s initiative. The primary objective of those is sharing the knowledge about modern social phenomena and various challenges posed by their appearance and existence. We want to create space for lively discussion, thus the Seminars are open for everyone, who wants to participate. We are open to any field of science, as long as it researches the social world.

The next guest is Dr. Timothée Parrique and the topic is "Degrowth: a new social (dis)order?". The seminar is exclusively being held in English.

When? 25th of October at 5 p.m. via Microsoft Teams (you can find the link here).


Since the onset of the pandemic, the concepts of degrowth and post-growth have experienced a steady rise in popularity. But these ideas are not new and have existed at least since the beginning of the 2000s. So, what has made them resurface today? And should we celebrate their reappearance? In times of ecological urgency and social instability, is the opposition between growth and degrowth a fertile basis for discussing sustainability issues, or rather a misguided frame running the risk of polarising the debate? Degrowth has indeed been prone to frequent misunderstandings, being associated with recession, austerity, asceticism, and authoritarianism, and its advocates have spent considerable time defending themselves on the content of what degrowth is about. This seminar will be an opportunity to clarify the contours of the idea: What is degrowth? Does it constitute a new social order or only a critique of the existing capitalist order? Where does degrowth fit in the current ideological landscape around issues of social-ecological justice?