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Editors on Central Asia: New Handbooks for a Maturing Field

Four new handbooks on Central Asia appeared in rapid succession by late 2021 or are coming soon in 2022:

In this panel hosted by GWU, Four of the editors sit together and present the rationale behind each book project, the challenges they faced when framing the region (Central Asia or Central Eurasia), selecting topics and timeframes, recruiting authors and how they provide value to their target audiences. Moreover, the editors will discuss their take on the state of the discipline and what under-explored topics and new pathways lie ahead.

Tune in on zoom (register through link below) on our live session with 4 handbook editors on Central Asian Studies as a discipline.

Organized by George Washington University, 4 editors: Erica Marat, David W. Montgomery, Jeroen Van den Bosch, and Madeleine Reeves will discuss the challenges and insights of making such handbooks with Sebastien Peyrouse (moderator)

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