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Exhibition at the AMU Welcome Centre

There is still time to see a rare exhibition at the AMU Welcome Centre, presenting a novel concept for one of the most beautiful places in Poznań - Przemyslaw Hill with the Poznan National Museum.

Until February 3rd, you can stop by Welcome Centre windows along Św. Marcin street to see the project designed by Dr Szymon Nawoj, Poznan University of the Arts.

The rebuilt Royal Castle has already managed to make its presence felt in the city centre and, according to some observers of the Przemyslaw Hill scene, has become part of the landscape of Poznan.

The project presented in AMU Welcome Centre is intended to complement the aforementioned building with today's necessary functions that allow it to be used more fully both as a historical symbol and as a contemporary museum. Because the new castle is to perform exhibition functions for The National Museum the main topic of the thesis is the idea of combining galleries from Przemysł Hill with the ones at K. Marcinkowski avenue. A 3D model of the proposed changes can also be seen in one of the windows of the AMU Welcome Centre.

The author of the exhibition is Dr Szymon Nawoj, a Doctor of arts, co-author of the book "Basic work - interior design", and assistant professor at the Faculty of Interior Design and Scenography at the University of Arts in Poznan (UAP Poznań)

and also the designer of the AMU Welcome Centre!