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Invitation to the official opening of the exhibition 'Art in Times of War in Memoriam Prof. Jędrzej Stępak

On behalf of the organisers, We would like to invite you to the official opening of the exhibition 'Art in Times of War' in memoriam of Prof. Jędrzej Stępak, which will begin on 24 May at 3.30 p.m. in the hall of the Florian Znaniecki College, building E, Ogrody Campus (Szamarzewskeigo 89).

Artistic textiles and paintings (acrylics on paper) by Prof. Roman Jaciv (Yatsiva) and Prof. Zenoviya Shulha from the Lviv National Academy of Fine Arts and the late Prof. Jędrzej Stępak from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań will be presented.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a panel discussion hosted by Prof. Agnieszka Gromkowska-Melosik and Bartosz Hordecki, PhD, and a performance by Stefaniya Abbasova, MA, Anna Sokołowska, MA, and Kamil Wnuk, MA.

The discussion will be attended by Prof. Roman Jaciv, Prof. Zenoviya Shulha and art managers Przemysław Cepak, Marcin Kubicki and Lucjan Wygnaniec.

The event is part of the project: Migration from Ukraine in media coverage - people, frames, narratives, funded by The National Centre for Research and Development.