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"Karahantepe: A New Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site in Şanlıurfa-Turkey". - Lecture by Prof. Necmi Karul

Poznan Academic Archaeological Seminars cordially invites you to a lecture on "Karahantepe: A New Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site in Şanlıurfa-Turkey" given by Prof. Necmi Karul from Istanbul University.

The event will be held on 18 April 2023 at 11:00 am in room 1.43 of the Collegium Historicum (address: University of Poznan 7, 61-614 Poznan).

You are most welcome to participate.
The abstract of the lecture is available below.

Prof Necmi Karul is a Professor of Archaeology at Istanbul University and the Director of the Institute of Archaeology there. He specialises in the Neolithic in the Middle East, particularly in Anatolia. He is one of Turkey's most important contemporary archaeologists. He is currently directing the large-scale Taş Tepeler (Stone Hills) project, which aims to identify the transformation of hunter-gatherer communities into agricultural groups that inhabited the monumental settlements around the Harran Plain in the Şanlıurfa area of south-eastern Anatolia. He directs the excavations at Karahan Tepe, the most meaningful site in this complex. He also coordinated the research at Göbekli Tepe, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2018. Previously, he directed the Bursa Aktopraklık Höyük research project in the southern Marmara Sea zone and Siirt Gusir Höyük in the upper Tigris basin area.


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