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Prof Riitta Oittinen's lecture "The Many Faces of Translation – The Many Faces of Alice"

The Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology cordially invites you to a guest lecture by Professor Riitta Oittinen (University of Tampere, Finland), which will be held on Wednesday, 17 January 2024, from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m., in room 327 of Collegium Maius.

The lecture, The Many Faces of Translation - The Many Faces of Alice, will explore various types of translation, primarily the translation of children's picture books. Prof Oittinen shall also address the verbal and visual aspects of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in translation. At the core of her speech is the image of the child created by the translator and the illustrator; the speaker will further discuss several illustrations of Alice by her hand.

The lecture will be given in English.

The event is organised, by the Children's Literature and Culture Research Team at WFPiK UAM, the translation specialisation of the AMU Institute of Polish Philology, the "Przekładnia" Translator's Scientific Circle and the Children's Art Circle "Na Wysokiej Górze" of the Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology.

Prof. Riitta Oittinen is a docent at the Finnish universities in Tampere and Helsinki. Besides being an artist, she is also an active researcher with a portfolio including academic monographs, chapters in monographs, translations (especially of picturebooks), illustrations, animated films and exhibitions dedicated to, among others, her illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll. Her publications include, in particular, I Am Me - I Am Other: On the Dialogics of Translating for Children (1993), Translating for Children (2000), Whose Story? Translating the Verbal and the Visual in Literature for Young Readers (2008), Translating Picturebooks. The Verbal, the Visual and the Aural for a Child Audience (2018), and the articles 'The Many Faces of Alice in Carnival: From Intersemiotic to Intervisual Translation' (2022) and 'Translating the Verbal and the Visual for a Child Image: Perspectives and Dialogues' (in print).